Help make boots & bars
available worldwide

Make no mistake, Talipes is terrible for any Child
(and their parents), but in the "Western World" we
have good access to the fantastic techniques
pioneered by the much loved Dr Ignacio Ponseti.

What is Talipes?

Talipes (Clubfoot) is a congenital deformity of the foot that occurs in about 150,000-200,000 babies each year worldwide. Clubfoot results from the abnormal development of the muscles, tendons, and bones in the foot while the fetus is forming during pregnancy.

Clubfoot in an otherwise normal child can be corrected using the Ponseti method of manipulation and plaster cast applications, with minimal or no surgery. Treatment should begin in the first week or two of life in order to take advantage of the elasticity of the tissues that form the ligaments and tendons in the foot.

The Ponseti Method for clubfoot treatment is nearly 100% effective when used properly by a trained health care provider. Health care workers in underprivileged areas of the world with limited access to surgical facilities can be trained to use the method, helping hundreds of thousands of children walk... around the world.

Clubfoot in Developing Countries

80% of clubfoot cases occur in developing countries and most of these children are either left untreated or receive substandard care. Neglected clubfoot is one of the most frequent causes of physical disability worldwide. The Ponseti method is uniquely suited for use in these countries because there is no surgery required and the technique can be taught to therapists, orthopaedic assistants, and other health care providers. This treatment is economical and easy on the infant, and when implemented correctly, will significantly increase the quality of life among children with clubfoot.

The use of the brace (boots & bar) after initial casting is a vital component to successful treatment.However, many developing countries do not have sufficient funding to enable the purchase of this essential piece of equipment.

This is how you can help. By donating your old Boots & Bar, you literally can help another child to walk!

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