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Q. Who is behind the "BootBank" Service

A. Bootbank was set up and is run by Geoff & Liz Young, after their son was born with Unilateral Talipes. Thanks to the wonderful work of the Paediatricians and Staff at Leeds General Infirmary, pioneered by Dr Ponseti, Alfie is making excellent progress. The family are however, very aware that they are incredibly fortunate to have access to such fantastic life changing treatment and facilities. Geoff & Liz are also conscious that many thousands of other babies and children, especially in the developing world, are not so fortunate. Bootbank was set up to try and help.

Q. How is it funded?

A. Currently, there is no external funding available to help run and administer this programme. Bootbank relies on the donation of used boots & bars from parents all over the world. All time and effort given to administer this programme is done on a 100% voluntary basis.

Q. How do you decide who to send Boots & Bars to?

A. We liaise directly with the team at Ponseti International Association at the University of Iowa. They train and support practitioners of the Ponseti Method throughout the Developing World and help determine which countries, regions and clinics have specific needs for this equipment.

Q. Are you part of Ponseti International Association?

A. No. We are an independent service that specifically supports the work of the PIA and treatment NGOs, by collecting and re-distributing "old" boots & bars.

Q. I do not live in the UK, how do I get my Boots & Bar to you?

A. At the moment, we only have one collection / delivery point, which is here in the UK. We would love to hear from other parents in other countries that would be prepared to manage a central collection service to grow this program. We will provide local websites, IT Systems & Procedures to help manage this.

Q. How else can I help?

A. Please spread the word! Encourage anyone you know that has old boots & bars to send these in to us so other children can be helped. If you would like to offer a collection service of your own, we would be delighted to help.

Q. Do I have to pay to send them to you?

A. As we do not receive any funding for this service, we are not able to offer a "Freepost" service at the moment. We are looking at ways to do this, but at the moment we would ask you to cover postage costs of getting these items to us. We will meet the costs of shipping these out to the Developing World.

Q. What address do I send them to?

A. Please send everything to BootBank, PO Box 375, Leeds, LS17 1DB, UK.

Q. Can I have more information about who they get sent to?

A. We are looking to expand the scope of our service through the use of Social Networking technology. One of the goals with this is to "connect" Doctors, Clinicians, Therapists and Patients & their Families globally. Once this is in place, we would expect to be able to have greater visibility of babies, children and families that are directly helped by your generosity and donation.

Q. Can I really send "Old" and "Used" Boots & Bars?

A. Yes! Please do send whatever you have. Even if things are worn or damaged, they could still be used to help change a child's life.

Q. What makes/ manufacturers do you need?

A. All and any. Mitchell, Markell, Dobbs – please send whatever you have.

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