A gift that will change a life

It's such a simple thing, but by donating your old
boots & bar, or sponsoring a Collection Point, you
really can change the lives of children across the world.

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Can our "Old Boots" really change lives?

The simple answer is "Yes". We hope to bring you regular updates and success stories from children and clinics across the world as this program gathers momentum. We have big plans to widen the scope of this program and help the PIA, who pioneer this excellent work, to improve the lives of as many children as possible.

You can make a massive difference by the simple act of donating your old boots and bar when you no longer have a need for them. Alternatively you could help by sponsoring one of the growing number of Collection Points that provide this recycling service.

Please read some of the stories below, to give you an idea of the kind of difference you can make:

My son's foot was gently corrected using Dr Ponseti's method and I am so thankful to the good doctor who has spared my son a lifetime of pain and discomfort...
Uganda Uganda
Our 4-year old son was born with unilateral club foot...today his foot is nearly perfect having been corrected using the Ponseti Method. Last week was the first night he slept without a brace or cast since he was 4 days old...I know that someday he'll forget the bracing and the fact that he ever had club foot.
Nepal Nepal
My son was born with bilateral clubfoot we had never heard of it and were very scared and upset... What a sense of comfort we felt to know we had found the right person to help our baby....We are sooooo grateful we found this method of treatment"
Paraguay Paraguay
...he has been treated VERY successfully with the Ponseti method over the past few years... We simply cannot thank Dr Ponseti enough!
Zambia Zambia
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