Recycle your old boots & bar...

and give another child a chance.

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Here’s how it works


Your child no longer needs their boots & bar

It may be that your child is mid way through treatment and has simply outgrown the existing boots & bar. Your child could have completed his or her treatment and no longer need them. Any old or used equipment will help give another child in the developing world a chance of a better life!


Drop any used boots & bars at a BootBank Collection Point or Post to us

It doesn't matter the condition, make/manufacturer, age, size. Send them to us. Don't worry about original packaging; just get them to us so we can help you help other children, that desperately need them.


We Repair & Sort

We will collate, repair and sort all donated boots & bars and ensure they can be re-used by other children who may not otherwise have access to this vital equipment.


We send all boots & bars to Children in the Developing World

We work closely with the Ponseti International Association to ensure that all the boots & bars we collect are sent directly to clinics in the third world that have an immediate need for these items. You really can help make a difference to a child's life - today.

Send your old Boots & Bar now!